He Drowns our Fears


There are so many reasons to be afraid in this world. This world can be a scary, uncertain, miserable place sometimes. And it’s easy to be tossed by the wind of difficulties and trials. Experiencing these things without being close to God can leave us unstable and hopeless. Angry and confused. And worst of all, scared. That’s how our soul is without Him: in constant turmoil and shifted with each storm that passes through our short life. Dependant on circumstances.

It’s not the way we were meant to go through this life. We were meant to be connected and have a relationship with the God who made us. We need Him more than we need our next breath. He’s the one who gives our next breath! When we begin a relationship with Him, our lives are turned around. They go from upside down chaos to straight and at peace as our hearts sink deep into His love–the love of the One who made us.

Before I came to Christ, I was scared. I didn’t know what giving my heart to Him meant for my life. Coming from a purely human and limited perspective, I thought it was going to be hard. Yes, walking closely with God, you face many challenges in life. But I in no way ever could have fathomed that having a real relationship with God meant I would be overcome by love so strong I almost couldn’t take it. That I would go through my days being intimately close with the Creator of the One who made the stars. That I would feel His presence, that I would be so overcome with joy inside of my chest that I literally thought I would explode. That I would receive a peace so beyond this world and any of my circumstances. That I would fall in love with Him and learn about how STRONGLY He is in love with me. That I would be His. Forever.

But that’s what faith is. He wants our faith extended to Him, and it’s not until we offer it that He fills us with His whirlwind romance. He is the most trustworthy, unchanging, protective thing that we could put our soul’s trust in. He will guard our hearts, spirits, souls until the end of time.

God is perfect, and He protects those who are His. He drowns our fears. 🔥

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