God is Within Her


When you belong to God, you are HIS. He claims you as His very own. When you belong to God, nothing and nobody could ever detach you from Him. Not even yourself. Once you’re His treasured possession, there’s not a thing you can (or can’t) do that will end your relationship with Him. He will never turn His back on you. That’s because His love isn’t based on performance. It’s based on Him and His perfect loyal love and faithfulness. We as humans will always be imperfect, and at times, unfaithful, even though our heart may love Him so deeply. But once you are His, He never looks at a single flaw in you again. You are FREE.

And when you find true freedom in Him, it’s like you’ve been holding your breath your entire life and you can finally breathe.

Humans are enslaved until they become free in Jesus. He frees us from everything. He frees us from our sin. He frees us from the punishment of that sin. And even though belonging to Him, we will mess up all the time, there is no guilt or condemnation.

{Romans 8:1-2}
So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.

The regenerated, Holy Spirit filled Christian is flawless, holy, sanctified, cleansed white as snow, and pure in the eyes of God, even in the midst of our sin.

{Song of Songs 4:7}
O my love, you are altogether beautiful and fair. There is no flaw nor blemish in you!

My friends, those are His words to those who belong to Him. That’s because when you come to Him, every sin you have ever or will ever commit has been applied to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. You are free in God. He looks at His bride with SO much love, so much devotion, so much loyalty, so much favour, mercy, care that it actually leaves my heart ravished. There is no more need to feel guilty once you are His, because He wipes it all away. He is tender and sweet, never angry with us, because His anger was exhausted on Jesus.

He’s the perfect Knight in Shining Armour that every love story aches over but never truly finds in real life until it is found in perfect love Himself.

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