Your Worth in God


Let your worth be found in the God who made you. There is a God, and He formed your body inside of your mother’s womb. He made you because He thought of you in His beautiful mind and He wanted you. You’re here because you are wanted. And you’re beautiful because you came from the mind and heart of God, and He only creates beautiful things.

This world and all its offences to the human soul will shred our worth, because its foundations are on worthless things. It’s foundations are not on the only worthy One: Jesus. When the world around you is built up on worthless things, you are susceptible to feelings of worthlessness because us humans are naturally a part of this fallen world. There is not an angle that this world doesn’t pierce a person’s very worth. And with every pierce, more of that person’s worth is broken off. This world is not forgiving. But you know who is?? God. And once you feel His forgiveness and His fiery love seep into your heart, you are not only made new, but built back up. He puts all the worth back into you that this world has taken away. What’s more, because you are His child, your worth becomes immeasurable because GOD came in human form, was beaten and tortured and PIERCED, just to give you Himself and the most valuable inheritance: Heaven with Him, forever.

That’s true worth. The only true worth. All other worth is worthless.

You have so much worth in Him.

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