King of L O V E


God is SO beautiful! I will breathe my last breath on this earth with my heart enthralled by His beauty and majesty. With my eyes wide open in awe as I drink in His wonder, His glory, His LOVE. My heart pounds and quickens at the mere thought of who He is. Just a thought of Him brushing up gently through my mind excites me more than anything ever could. He is God, the King of glory. The honour, the power, and the Kingdom are His forever. It belongs to Him and no other. As God’s people, the awareness of who we belong to should do something wild inside of us. A fire within us that cannot be quenched. 

He’s not another created being, He is the Creator – the one who created all of this grand, harmonious, mind-blowing beauty that we are constantly saturated in. Oh, He is beautiful. No worldly King could compare to the ultimate King, the true King. The King who defines love just by being who He is. We can see just who our King and all of His majesty just by viewing all the glorious beauty we see on earth. As our eyes open, it becomes all too obvious. He is breathtaking and it is so exquisite to be close and experience intimacy and love with Him. Feast on the beauty and drink it in. It displays the goodness of God, which is too beautiful for us to ever comprehend. Lavish your love and adoration upon the King of love because He is the only One who truly deserves all of our heart, all of our love, all of our praise, and every ounce of worship we could give with all of our might.

What a exceedingly beautiful God. Jesus Christ, the King of L O V E.

{Matthew 6:13}
“For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.”

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