God is my Home


God is my home.

He’s who I run to no matter what is happening in my life.
I run to Him without fear, I run to Him knowing He loves me so deeply that it’s impossible for my mind to comprehend.
I run to Him as myself, naked before Him, approaching His throne, nothing held back.
I run to Him face down on the ground in desperate love and total adoration.
I run to Him knowing He delights in me, seeing me as His treasured possession.
I run to Him, without energy and feeling like a failure, ready to fall into His arms.
I run to Him during all my great moments and occasions, knowing He’s the one who gifts my life with His favour and everlasting sweet presence.
I run to Him with all of my flaws, knowing he accepts and loves me with no matter what.
I run to Him in tears, face drenched, eyes red, face flushed, needing the comfort of my One true love.
I run to Him, always crying for more of Him.
I run to his sweet sweet embrace, at all times, in all ways, in every circumstance, in every day.

He’s my home. His arms are my home. His presence wrapping around me is my home and my only home. Though my physical body may reside in various places on earth, HE IS MY HOME.

Oh how I long for Him.

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