Be Still and Know our Warrior


Be still and know that I am God.” {psalm 46:10}

These are God’s words to us. They’re so full of assurance and comfort. Of protection and leadership. This means to let your soul trust him. Soak each line in slowly:

be s t i l l 
and k n o w
H e  i s  G O D

To do this is to let go of trying and striving and KNOW that He is God and He WILL take care of you. You’re precious and a treasure in His sight and He overlooks nothing. It’s to know that He is invested in your life and nothing escapes Him. To know that your God is sovereign and in control. He fights for you and He delights in doing it.

To be still is to curl up into Him, letting your heart unravel before Him as you share with Him all of your concerns. But also being still in trusting that when you open your heart to Him and surrender yourself to Him, that He is God who is active in every aspect of your life and He is ordaining our steps. Even if at times things aren’t happening exactly the way we’d like or feels like He’s not doing much, being still and knowing that HE IS. He is. And that’s enough to know.

He wants you to keep trusting Him and know that He has plans for you. He wants you to keep turning to Him even when things don’t work out ideally in our minds. Being still is letting it fall into place without worrying, knowing your God goes before you. Letting God handle the situation and having peace about it.

{Exodus 14:14}
“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

He is compassionate and also a warrior. He so delights in tenderly loving us and fiercely fighting for us.

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