We’re Beautiful in God’s Eyes


Never think that you’re not beautiful just the way you are. That’s an evil lie. You were created by Beauty Himself. He’s the one who defines beauty, and you came from His mind, His heart, His pleasure. If you are a child of God, you are more beautiful than you can ever know because God sees you as flawless. You’ve been cleansed and made righteous and He sees His own beauty in you. You’re His treasure, and One glance at Him makes His heart beat faster. You’ve got Him, He’s in love with You.

And He thinks you are beautiful.

Let your inward beauty of a soul that loves God shine through your physical beauty. Place more importance on walking with Jesus closely and intimately than on outward beauty. Because outward beauty will always fade. It will never remain. Our bodies on earth are temporal and we are constantly aging. Do not put your hope and happiness on your outer appearance. I used to do that, but it only left me feeling empty inside.

That was until the supreme lover Himself poured His love inside of me.

Once that happened, He made me feel so beautiful, just as I am, plain and full of physical imperfections. But oh, I have the glorious God living in me.

The beauty one possesses of a heart deep in God is far above any physical beauty. Fall in love with Jesus, and let your true beauty shine. We shine because we were made to love the One who made us.

“You are altogether beautiful,
my darling,
And there is no blemish in you.
You have captured my heart, my treasure, my bride.
You hold it hostage with one glance of your eyes
Your love delights me,
my treasure, my bride.“
‭‭{Song of Songs‬ ‭4‬}

We’re His treasure, we’re His bride. We are so beautiful in His eyes.

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