Falling for God


There is no end to the depth of God’s love. It’s not human love, it will never tire. Or weaken. Or deteriorate. Or exhaust.
It will never abandon, be selfish, or become bored.
His magnificent love will never cease to be heart-thumping, thrilling, excited, hope-filled, euphoric and the best thing on this earth.
Loving Him is the ultimate kind of ecstasy and you never have to worry about falling out of love or looking into the ‘next thing’ because HE IS the One who holds you tightly, and HE IS the ultimate thing.
Once you love Him, there is no such thing as the next best thing.
He is the best thing, and His love is life-changing.
Every new day is a new day with Him.
Every new season is a new season with Him.
Good and bad, you have Him!
And there is nothing better than the King’s love.
It’s so decadent, rich, fine, luxurious,
soft, faithful, tender, compassionate, gentle and sweet,
But also
Jealous, intense, hot, fiery, consuming.
Oh, the depths of His love are irresistible.
Over and over, I fall for Him.

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