Two Years Ago


Before Him I was nothing. I felt like nothing. I was an empty shell, so fragile and broken and ugly. The fierce fire of this world burnt me to mere ashes. There was nothing in me, and I was dead in my sins.

But then He came.

And He swept me off my feet. In the most enchanting way, He consumed my heart with His deep love. And I drank until I was drunk. And He filled this empty vessel of mine with blinding Light. And with that Light,

I fell in love.

He set His love on me. His mercy on me. The most beautiful Being in existence took a wilted flower and made her beautiful. Vibrant. Alive. Loved. My Righteous Knight, so lovely and wise, healed me and made me whole.

And I will never let Him go.

I will cling tightly to my King forever and I’ll never loosen my hold on Him. Not for all the money, power, fame, family, fortune. I’d choose the dangers of poverty, homelessness, loneliness, and even death for Him. I have to have Him to be mine, forever.

I would choose Him over any luxurious thing. I’d choose any dangerous thing for Him. In one single heartbeat, I’ll choose Him over anything and everything.

He’s my treasure. Now and forever.

It was two years ago that He saved my soul. It was two years ago that I became truly alive. It was two years ago that I met my Maker in sweet love and complete union. It was two years ago that I fell sold out, on fire, madly, passionately in love with Jesus, my Saviour.🌹

December 17th, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. Sandy Mc Aninch

    Only two years and you express such a love and devotion to Him. Bless you and please continue to share this profound love with all. We are touched deeply with your words. Thank you.


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