Love One Another

We’re made in the beautiful and glorious image of God. We’re human beings with thoughts, feelings, consciences, personalities, hurts, experiences, emotions, needs, and desires. We all have a past, we all have a story to share, and we all want to love and to be loved.

As Christians, we are the light of this dark world. It can sometimes be easy to get weary from the darkness, but we have the power of Christ living in us. We’ve already been given victory and every spiritual blessing.

Let us love others. Let us shine the light of Jesus Christ brightly in this dark place. Let us be patient, kind, forgiving, and merciful to one another. Because Jesus was merciful to us. Let us not wait for others to be who we want them to be before we extend love and grace. Let us love them in their mess, just like Christ has loved us in our mess.

None of us are perfect, not one of us.
Except Christ.

Let us love one another because He first loved us.💓

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