When God Says No

Never forget that. Hold tight to that truth. When God says no, know that He has your best interest at heart. He is a good Father. The best Father. He promises to work a l l things – not some things, a l l things – out for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes {Romans 8:28}. That applies even when His answer is “no”.

His “no” is full of love, full of goodness, full of wisdom, full of care for us, full of protection, full of providence, full of grace, and full of mercy for His children.

He wants you to trust Him and His will for your life, even when we don’t get what we think we want.

I recently received a “no” from God and it made my heart ache for a moment, because this is something I wanted and prayed about for a year. But recently He answered my prayer with a very real sign, and it was a “no”. It made my heart ache and it was very difficult, but I trusted Him through it, being obedient to Him and letting this thing go.

That’s what He desires from us. Obedience not only when it’s easy and we have understanding, but obedience when it’s difficult and we don’t fully understand.

I know that sometimes receiving a “no” from God can hurt, but it’s imperative that we push through our fleshly pain and be obedient to the all-knowing, all-wise God who cares for us more deeply than we could ever imagine.

Even His “no” is full of goodness. Trust Jesus and His plans for your life, even when you don’t understand it. Love Him and praise Him during the “no” seasons of our lives, and follow Him closely through it all.💗

One thought on “When God Says No

  1. Megan Hand

    It does hurt, but I can always look back and see how that thing/situation wouldn’t have worked in my life. His timing and will are perfect. ❤️


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