I’m His


In my happiest days, I look to you.
My heart flutters with a joy not of this world because You’re the reason for my joy.
You’re the only reason for joy.
In my most desperate days, I turn to You.
You’re my Caretaker, my Rock, my Provider. 
You care for me in such a tender, compassionate, intimate way…
Intimacy so close and intense that could only be shared between the Creator and His Bride.
Your love is so intense, it’s endless.
Will I ever find an end?
The heavens containing a trillion stars could not find an end to Your ravishing, consuming, burning fierce love.
There isn’t an end to the most beautiful thing in all of existence.
The taste of a drop of Your love the size of an atom is enough to fill my entire being with Your hot relentless fire.
Oh God, Your love. Your care. Your tenderness. Your intimacy.
If there were the amount of words as every grain of sand on every beach and every star in the brilliant night sky to describe the magnitude of Your passionate, perfect love, it still couldn’t contain You.
You’re relentless. Undying. Beautiful.
The created calling out to her Creator in desperate need for what only He can give is true intimacy on every level added up times infinity.
It is the most natural thing, calling out to my Maker in love and pursuit.
We pursue each other.
Our love together is such a whirlwind, taking my soul in a spinning fire to heaven like Elijah.
Loving You and experiencing that love is the most sacred, treasured thing and is as close as a human being could ever get to paradise while on earth.
I love our love.

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